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It depends. 


You cannot participate in conventions on behalf of or to promote companies we are striking against. This includes appearances, panels, fan meet and greets, etc. involving projects produced by struck companies, whether current or past, and current and past independent projects that are not signed to an interim agreement. 


You may participate in a convention in ways that don't promote your work on struck projects and that are not sponsored by or connected to struck companies. Additionally, you may participate in appearances, conventions, and fan expos for work under contracts other than the TV and Theatrical Agreements, such as TV or New Media animation or video games. (Theatrical animation is struck work and you cannot participate in events relating to animated theatrical content during the strike.)


If you have any questions relating to this distinction, please contact

Can I participate in personal appearances, conventions, and fan expos?

You can determine which contract a production is signed to on our website through our Signatory Search tool, available HERE. If you click on the production, a “Contract Note” will indicate the contract type. If the contract type is a Television, Theatrical, Agnostic, or New Media Agreement, you should check our interim agreement list, which will be available shortly. If the production appears on the Interim Agreement list, you can appear at a Convention on behalf of that specific production.


If you don’t see the production on the Interim Agreement list, please email

How do I know if a project I worked on is one that is being struck?

We are not asking members to breach pre-existing contracts.

What if I entered into a contract prior to the strike that requires me to participate in a panel or other activity relating to my work on struck work?

It depends. If the event is wholly independent of and unaffiliated with the struck companies or is in support of a production on the Interim Agreements list, you can participate, subject to the limitations and guidelines in this FAQ regarding appearances, autographs, panels, etc. In particular, during your participation, you should not promote struck work or struck companies. 


If you have any questions relating to this distinction or about a specific event, please contact

Can I participate in conventions related to a specific fandom?

Appearances, panels, fan meet and greets, etc. are all okay, as long as they do not promote struck work or struck companies. You and/or your representative should work with the event organizers ahead of time to ensure that they understand the guidelines and that you can participate comfortably.


Following are some general guidelines:


Autographs: You should plan to sign headshots or similar photos of you during your autograph signing. You cannot offer photos of you as a character from struck work. If a fan asks you to sign your photo with your character name or a quote from struck work, it is up to your discretion whether to comply with the fan’s request


Panels / Q&As: You and/or your representative should speak to the event organizer and/or panel moderators ahead of time to inform them what kinds of questions you are comfortable with during the strike. General topics are fine, such as about your process, why you wanted to be an actor, what you like/dislike about working in the industry, and the like are fine. You should avoid discussing characters you played on struck work or your work for struck companies. A panel or Q&A could be a good opportunity to explain the importance of the strike to the future of the industry.


Non-struck work: The guidelines above relate to struck work. If you worked on projects that are not struck, such as video games or television animation, you can freely discuss those projects and sign autographs relating to those characters.

What can I do at an independent personal appearance, convention, or fan expo?

In many cases, it will be obvious. They might have “official” or similar designation in the title or description. Often, but not always, these appearances will be at the request of the company that produced and/or distributed the project and might be part of your contractual obligations to the company. For example, programming related to a struck project or a struck company’s booth at San Diego Comic-Con is clearly related to those companies. An event like D23, is organized and run by Disney. 


Other conventions and expos are wholly independent of the struck companies. These are often, but not always, multi-fandom events you have been invited to based on your body of work, not as a contractual obligation to the producer or distributor of a project. They are typically run by small companies, or sometimes a group of fans, who work directly with you or your representative to host you. In most cases, you will be directly paid an appearance fee or a percentage of what the fan pays for the autograph signing, meet and greet, or other interaction with you. 


If you have any questions relating to this distinction or about a specific event, please contact

How do I know if the convention or fan expo I am asked to attend is independent or is sponsored by or connected to a struck company?

You and/or your representatives should work with the event organizers ahead of time so the panel moderator or the “handler” they provide can intervene in these situations. Your representatives can also step in if a handler is not provided. Ultimately, it is up to your discretion and what you are comfortable answering. One possibility is to redirect the question and use it as an opportunity to explain the importance of the strike to the future of the industry.

I don’t want to disappoint my fans by refusing their requests or avoiding their questions. What should I do?

If the primary images are of you, and the character(s) from struck work are just incidental as part of a collage, this is okay. The focus should be on you, not on the character(s). Listing your credits for identification and information purposes is okay as long as it is not promoting the work.

I have a banner that highlights my whole body of work, including characters and credits that might be from struck work. Can I still use this when I do autograph signings?

This is fine, as long as you did not provide it.

What if a fan asks me to sign a poster / photo / collectible / etc. from a struck project?

The same guidelines would apply to virtual appearances and private signings. You cannot participate on behalf of or to promote companies we are striking against. Independent events are okay. The guidelines for independent appearances, conventions, and fan expos also apply to these events.

Can I do online “virtual” meet & greets and private autograph signings?

It depends. Please reach out to and we will look into it for you. 

I am also a member of another union and worked on a project under that union’s jurisdiction. Can I discuss those shows/characters and sign photos of me as that character?

Generally, yes, unless it is connected to struck work. See our Member FAQs and “What You Can Work” infographic for more information on the types of projects that are not being struck.

Can I participate in appearances, conventions, and fan expos related to my work on TV or New Media animation or video game projects, even if it is affiliated with a struck company?

Of course, you are always free to share your personal stories about why the issues involved in these negotiations are important to you. If you do share your stories, please be sure it is clear that you are speaking from your own perspective and not on behalf of the union or the membership, generally.

Can I speak in support of the strike during my panel at an appearance, convention, or fan expo?

Any non-member seeking future membership in SAG-AFTRA who performs covered work or services for a struck company during the strike will not be admitted into membership in SAG-AFTRA. See the Strike Notice and Order.

How does this apply to me if I’m not (yet) a member of SAG-AFTRA?

As long as the video is limited to your attendance at the con and does not promote struck work, this is okay. 

My contract with the convention requires me to do a short promotional video announcing my appearance and activities in which I will be participating. Is this okay?

Cosplay as a character from struck work can in fact promote struck work even if that is not your intent. If you are cosplaying as a character that is from something other than struck work, such as a comic book or television animation, that is fine!

Can I cosplay as my character? What about a different character?

We understand that you do not have control over what the fans do. This is okay.

What if a fan comes to a photo-op in cosplay as a character from struck work?


SAG-AFTRA recognizes the important place that personal appearances, conventions, and fan expos have for our members and the fans who love their work. 


The following FAQs provide guidelines for how our members can participate in these events during the strike, as well as information and collateral convention organizers can use to help support our members. If you still have questions after reviewing these FAQs written specifically about personal appearances, conventions, and fan expos, please contact

We appreciate your support of our membership in this important fight. If you'd like to have a poster or other visual indicator of support at your upcoming convention, you can download those HERE.

How can conventions visually support the SAG-AFTRA strike?

Yes! We have prepared a handy one-sheet that you can print and make available in your greenroom or otherwise provide to talent and their representatives. You can download that HERE.

As a convention organizer, is there something we can provide talent to help them comply with these guidelines?

Following is a statement you can read before panels or provide to their guests so they understand how the strike might impact talent participation at the convention:

As you may know, SAG-AFTRA, the union that represents many of our guests, is currently on strike against the major studios, networks, and streamers. {CON NAME} is proud to support SAG-AFTRA and its members in their effort to secure a fair, equitable, and respectful contract.

SAG-AFTRA has put together a set of guidelines that allow these guests to still participate in our event and others like it, even during the strike. These guidelines require the members to steer away from discussing specific shows or characters by name and to avoid comments that might be seen as promoting projects that fall under the union's strike order. The actors appearing at our show are encouraged to discuss other, more general topics about their lives and work.

We wish them success in their strike endeavor and we appreciate your understanding and support.

As convention organizers who support the strike, is there a message we can convey to attendees so they understand how the strike impacts our guests' participation?


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