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For more information about the 2023 SAG-AFTRA TV/Theatrical/Streaming Strike, please review the FAQs below.



No. Broadcast members work under individual station or network contracts. The terms and conditions of your employment are NOT affected by this strike. Only productions that are covered by the TV/Theatrical Contracts will be struck. Scripted dramatic live action entertainment would be considered struck work and you should not participate. 

Does this strike affect my work at my local station, news, roots or traffic network?

Walking a picket line is not mandatory, even for those whose work will be directly impacted by a strike. It is, however, an important way of showing solidarity with your fellow members who are on strike.

Will I have to walk the picket line?

If you want to participate in a picket line at your place of employment or if you have specific concerns about journalistic conflicts or employer policies on this subject, please contact your SAG-AFTRA local staff person before participating in any picket.

If there is a picket line at my place of employment (e.g. TV station located on a studio lot), can I participate?

If you work for an employer that is not being struck, but in the same location as a picket, you may be able to use what is called a “neutral gate” to enter and exit the workplace. Neutral gates must be clearly marked and are available for the other companies who are not being struck and have no connection to the labor dispute. However, neutral gates are NOT always available.

A "reserve gate" is set up exclusively for the struck company to use. Picketers can only picket outside of the reserve gate. A reserve gate must be clearly marked so that anyone from the street or sidewalk can see that this entrance is reserved exclusively for those working for or visiting the struck company

​In addition, for our broadcast and radio members working in locations where there are picket lines, SAG-AFTRA will facilitate providing you with placards you can place in your car windshield that show you are working under a SAG-AFTRA news or broadcast agreement.

If there is a picket line at my place of employment (e.g. TV station located on a studio lot), is there another way I can get to/from work without crossing any picket lines?


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