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What can you work on during the strike? 

Many of our members can and should keep working under various other contracts, such as our Commercials Contracts, Interactive Media, Audiobooks and more. Please review the complete list in this Notice of Non-Struck Work.


The Strike Notice and Order issued on July 13, 2023, applies only to services and work covered by the Producer - SAG-AFTRA Codified Basic Agreement, the SAG-AFTRA Television Agreement and any other agreement listed in the July 13, 2023 Resolution of the SAG-AFTRA National Board (“TV/Theatrical Contracts”). The Strike Order does not affect rendering services or performing work, and it is not considered a violation of the SAG-AFTRA Constitution or Membership Rules to report for work, that is covered by the following contracts:

  • National Code of Fair Practice for Network Television Broadcasting (Network Code)This includes programs such as soap operas, variety shows, talk shows, reality shows, and game shows.

  • SAG-AFTRA-approved Interim Agreements. For independent productions that would normally be covered by the TV/Theatrical Contracts.

  • Corporate/Educational & Non-Broadcast Contract (Co-Ed). Formerly “Industrial”

  • Commercials Contracts and Audio Commercials Contracts. This includes radio, television, and digital commercials as well as infomercials and jingles.

  • Live Entertainment Agreement. This applies to voice recordings to be used in “Live Entertainment’ shows.

  • National Code of Fair Practice for Sound Recordings (Sound Recordings) and Music Video Supplement.

  • Station Contracts and Broadcast News Contracts

  • Television Animation Agreement and New Media Animation Agreements. This includes episodic and long form animated programs for television and new media. This does NOT include animated films made for theatrical exhibition.

  • Public Television Agreement. This agreement applies to productions made by public television companies for exhibition on public television.

  • Interactive Media Agreement. For video games

  • Dubbing Agreement, Negotiated Dubbing Employers Agreement and Netflix Dubbing Agreement. This is for dubbing of productions produced in a foreign language into English or Spanish.

  • WGBH Descriptive Video Service (DVS) Agreement

  • Audiobooks Contracts. This applies to the recording of audio of existing literary works.

  • Independent Podcast Agreement and Micro-Monetized Podcast Agreement. This includes scripted performance and hosting.

  • Short Project Agreement. Also known as SPA. This applies to productions no longer than 40 minutes in length with budgets that don’t exceed $50,000.

  • Micro Budget Project Agreement. Also known as Micro. This applies to live action productions budget at no more than $20,000 and allows for limited exhibition.

  • Student Film Agreements. This is for films produced by students in connection with their coursework at accredited educational institutions.

  • Independent New Media Agreement (deferrable). This applies to live action, episodic new media productions budgeted at no more than $50,000 per episode.

  • Influencer-Produced Sponsored Content Agreement. Also known as the Influencer Agreement

  • Talent Produced Cameo for Business Sponsored Content Agreement. Also known as the C4B x SAG-AFTRA Agreement

  • And Certain Other Basic Cable Agreements. These agreements cover programs made for specific cable channels.

Performance of audio description work is only struck when completed under the TV/Theatrical Contracts, and is not struck in any other circumstances, including when the work is completed under any of the above-listed agreements.

SAG-AFTRA will notify members when a neutral gate is available to allow members working in the aforementioned areas to report for work without having to cross a picket line. If you have questions about the location of a neutral gate, or the permissibility of work on a specific production, please contact

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