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Many members organize special pickets with a specific theme, which are a great way to engage members and get them out to the picket lines. Special pickets work best when we all coordinate.

A few things to keep in mind as you plan a special picket:

  • All submissions will be processed on a first come, first served basis. 

  • We are only able to accommodate requests from members in good standing.

  • Submitting a form is not a guarantee of acceptance. All submissions will be reviewed within approximately two business days. You will be notified if and when approved.

  • While cast reunions are OK, our strike rules forbid costumes that visually represent struck work.

  • Do not include any titles or images of struck work, nor any intellectual property to which you do not have the rights when promoting special pickets.

If you’d like to plan a themed special picket in Los Angeles, select a location and fill out the LA special picket request.

If you’d like to plan a themed special picket in New York, fill out the NY special picket request form

To plan a special themed event outside of New York and Los Angeles, please contact your local's executive director. 

Check out the special picket schedules for New York and Los Angeles below or view the full picket and event locations and schedule for all SAG-AFTRA locals.

LA Special Picket Schedule

NY Special Picket Schedule

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