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Why has the SAG-AFTRA National Board called a strike on TV, theatrical and streaming work? What are the issues we are striking over? And what kind of work CAN you do? Find out all this and more in our Strike FAQs. If you have a question that isn’t answered here, you may contact us at

Non-members include those who are pre-members, SAG-AFTRA-eligible performers who have not yet joined the union, those who are not SAG-AFTRA eligible, and those who have resigned their membership from the union.

What is a non-member?

Any non-member seeking future membership in SAG-AFTRA who performs covered work or services for a struck company during the strike will not be admitted into membership in SAG-AFTRA. See Strike Notice and Order.

Can non-members render SAG-AFTRA covered services for struck companies during the strike?

SAG-AFTRA will keep all members informed on picket and rally locations, and the information will also be posted to this website. We encourage all SAG-AFTRA members and non-members alike to show unity and join picket lines and/or rallies. Check HERE for schedules and locations. 

We also strongly encourage members and supporters to use their social media to support members on strike. You will be able to find graphics in our Social Media Toolkit.

What if non-members or SAG-AFTRA members who are not covered by the TV/Theatrical contract want to join the picket line?

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