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Yes! Influencers may still pursue commercial work including influencer-generated brand deals covered by the SAG-AFTRA Influencer Agreement and/or Influencer Waiver. Please reach out to for guidance on how to cover your brand deals under the most appropriate SAG-AFTRA agreement.

As an influencer, can I still do brand partnerships?

Influencers should not accept any new work for promotion of struck companies or their content.

Can I promote screenings and content produced by struck companies?

If an influencer is already under contract to promote struck work, then the influencer should fulfill their work obligation.

What if I am under contract to promote a struck companies’ content?

Influencers should refrain from posting on social media about any struck work regardless of whether they are posting organically or in a paid capacity.

Am I allowed to promote struck work on social media as a fan and not in a paid capacity?

You cannot participate in conventions such as Comic-Con on behalf of, or to promote, companies we are striking against - this includes appearances, panels, fan meet and greets, etc. involving struck work. You may participate in a convention in ways that are wholly independent of characters from struck work or sponsorship by struck companies. If you have any questions relating to this distinction, please contact

Can I attend conventions as a fan as long as I am not being paid to promote anything?

Circumstances may vary. We recommend that you reach out to for proper assessment.

Can I still work on brand deals with an advertiser for a cross-promotional campaign with a struck employer?

Any non-member seeking future membership in SAG-AFTRA who performs covered work or services for a struck company during the strike will not be admitted into membership in SAG-AFTRA. See Strike Notice and Order.

How does this apply to me if I’m a non-union influencer?

There are a variety of ways you can show your support and solidarity! Please support us online and on social using #SAGAFTRAstrike and #SAGAFTRAstrong. We also recommend that you check out our social toolkit here. And join us on the picket line! Check out our picket schedule and locations here.

How can Influencers support the strike?

These FAQs are written specifically for influencers, for all other questions, please contact

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