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If you are attending a picket line included in SAG-AFTRA’s schedule of supported picket locations and times, there will be SAG-AFTRA staff support at the listed check-in area. If you need to contact SAG-AFTRA and can’t find a staff member:

Email or call 877-8-STRIKE (877-878-7453)

Generally, the purpose of picketing is to create a work stoppage. Picketing draws awareness to the strike and the issues at stake. It also dissuades others from doing business with the employer. Picketing is a way for striking employees to increase the pressure on their employer to resolve the dispute in a favorable manner.

What is the purpose of picketing?

While members are not required to picket, we hope that those who can, will participate as frequently as possible in these important shows of strength and unity.

Are union members required to picket?

We ask that you only picket at those locations and times listed on SAG-AFTRA’s schedule.

Can I picket at a location that’s not on SAG-AFTRA’s schedule?

We are actively working to identify locations across the country where SAG-AFTRA can legally picket. As picket locations are identified, they will be listed HERE at and sent out via email to members of the local where the picket is taking place as soon as possible. Note that there are strict state and federal laws concerning where you can and cannot picket, so we ask that you only picket at locations that are identified by SAG-AFTRA. 


Non-picket events, including leafleting and rallies, will also be scheduled in the near future and communicated to members once planned. 


Please note that you can also show your support of SAG-AFTRA at any time on social media by posting supportive statements using the hashtags: #SAGAFTRAstrong #SAGAFTRAstrike.

Are there pickets outside of LA and NYC?

Leafleting is very different from the picket line. Leafleting seeks to persuade members of the public to take a certain course of action, through informing them and engaging in discourse.  Picketing and establishing picket lines, on the other hand, seeks to limit access to or from the premises of struck companies.

What is the difference between picketing and leafleting?

No. Those joining the picket line are doing so to show unity with fellow SAG-AFTRA members as we fight for a fair contract, and they do so without payment. 

Do I get paid to be on the picket line?

For safety reasons and to ensure that signs are available to your fellow SAG-AFTRA members on future dates, we ask that you return your sign before departing the picket line.

Can I take a sign home with me to bring back another day?

You can pick up a SAG-AFTRA shirt and sign at the check-in area for those locations and times  included in SAG-AFTRA’s schedule of supported picket lines. To ensure that signs are available to your fellow SAG-AFTRA members on future dates, we ask that you return your sign before departing the picket line.

Where can I pick up a shirt and sign?

Yes, you can participate in a picket line if you are behind on dues.

Can I participate in a picket line if I’m behind on dues?

No, you do not need to RSVP for a picket line, but you should make sure to check in with staff upon your arrival.

Do I need to RSVP for a picket line?

Any conversations with press must be limited to expressions of your own individual support for SAG-AFTRA and fellow actors. You may not speak on behalf of SAG-AFTRA. If you are asked for a comment on behalf of SAG-AFTRA, please direct press to or

Can I talk to press covering the picket line?

When picketing in front of a company that shares a building or worksite with other non-struck companies, the building may set up a "reserve gate" exclusively for the struck company to use and then all other entrances (called "neutral gates") are available for the other companies who are not being struck and have no connection to the labor dispute. Picketers must only picket outside of the reserve gate. A reserve gate must be clearly marked so that anyone from the street or sidewalk can see that this entrance is reserved exclusively for those working for or visiting the struck company. All neutral gates should be clearly marked as well. SAG-AFTRA is monitoring to ensure compliance with the reserve gate system.

What is a Reserve Gate and what is a Neutral Gate?

The most helpful thing you can bring to a picket is yourself. Picketing alongside fellow members is the best way to show your support and solidarity in our fight for a fair and just contract. That being said, comfortable shoes, water, and sun-protective clothing/hats are recommended. SAG-AFTRA will provide water, snacks/food, first-aid kits and other amenities at picket locations listed HERE to make picketing more comfortable.

Is there anything I can bring to the picket to help?

While we have loved seeing all of the four-legged friends on the picket lines, due to the extreme heat and volume of picketers, we recommend leaving your dogs at home for their safety.

Can I bring my pet to the picket line?

Strike captains are member volunteers involved with the planning and execution of the strike. These duties include getting members signed up for picket line shifts, recruiting volunteers to pick up food and water, directing members to the sign-in table, etc.

What is a strike captain?

Please complete THIS FORM to let us know you’re interested in volunteer opportunities.

Where can I sign up for strike-related volunteer opportunities?

Strike captains must be SAG-AFTRA members. We are looking for people who can volunteer their time, have the ability to stay calm under pressure and who want to give of their time (however much or little they can) to be more involved with the union. If you’re interested in volunteering as a strike captain, please complete THIS FORM.

Who can be a strike captain?

Both members and non-members can join the picket lines.

Who can picket? Can non-members participate?

Signs will be provided at the picket locations.

Do I need to make my own signs?

Picket guidelines are available HERE.

What picket guidelines do I need to know about?

The National Board and the TV/Theatrical Negotiating Committee have discretion with respect to rules/conditions governing the strike, and they have the ability to adjust strike rules as necessary.

What else do I need to know?

Members must inform the union of all strikebreaking activity. Please report strikebreaking HERE.

What are my duties to the union if I notice strikebreaking activity?

Please refer to the picket schedule located HERE.

Where can I picket?

Members in good standing may submit requests to hold special, themed pickets at our studio locations in LA and NY via the submission forms located on our Special Pickets Page.

Submissions are generally reviewed within 72 hours. 


Once your Special Picket is approved, make sure you follow all of the guidelines provided in the confirmation email.

How can I organize a special picket?

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