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Picket Line Conduct & Standards


This is a historic strike to achieve vital gains for our industry. Picketing is a critical tactic to compel the studios to reach a fair deal. Let’s show them how serious we are through solidarity and member turnout on the picket lines.


SAG-AFTRA will provide signs, shirts, buttons, and other materials to SAG-AFTRA members to wear or use while walking the picket lines and will coordinate getting all picket line locations and times to the membership.


It is important that everyone be aware that strikes are legal actions, and there are significant elements of labor law and policy that impact everyone taking part in this support effort. Please review the following guidance thoroughly, and be aware of and observe the guidelines at all times:​


✅ Remember to bring your SAG-AFTRA ID, or have it downloaded on your phone in the SAG-AFTRA member app.

✅ Assume you are always being recorded. Be mindful of anything you post on social media. Review the guidelines for social media conduct.

✅ Refer all media inquiries to the communications team at SAG-AFTRA headquarters via

✅ Follow all parking and traffic rules, and all other laws.

✅ Get all signs and other materials cleared by SAG-AFTRA staff. Please return signs to the check-in table before leaving the line.


✅ Follow instructions from SAG-AFTRA staff and picket captains. Their job is to keep the picket line safe, legal, and effective.

✅ Have fun! Keep moving, walking, dancing with your signs up and down the sidewalks. Feel free to start a chant or a song. Just because it’s important doesn’t mean it can’t be fun.

ℹ️ Please Note: While we have loved seeing all of the four-legged friends on the picket lines, due to the extreme heat and volume of picketers, we recommend leaving your dogs at home for their safety.

Questions? Email


🚫 Do not engage in violence or threats. Avoid confrontations.

🚫 Don't bring weapons. Do not carry sticks (other than picket sticks), toy guns, laser pointers, or any object which may be used as or perceived as a possible weapon.

🚫 Don't use derogatory language or profanity or attempt to intimidate others.

🚫 Do not disrupt ongoing traffic (for example, do not have anyone drop you off or pick you up on the curb).


🚫 Do not use alcohol or other intoxicating substances at the picketing site, or participate under the influence of alcohol or other intoxicating substances. 

🚫 Don't block ingress or egress to facilities/studios, don’t block sidewalks. Look out for cars and be very careful to allow sufficient clearance for people to pass on sidewalks and cars to pass through driveways. Don’t block/crowd any public transportation stops or intersections.

🚫 Don't damage property.

🚫 Don't Litter

🚫 Don't Speak to the police or to managers about the strike. Direct them to picket captains or other leadership. BEWARE of seemingly innocuous questions. Even proper statements may be misconstrued, and it may be a trap designed to elicit a statement in violation of labor law.

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