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What does the SAG-AFTRA strike mean for your production? Read below to find out which signatory productions can continue filming during the strike and which of our members are striking. If you have further questions, please email



All work and services under the TV/Theatrical Agreements and related contracts is struck work. This includes contracts that incorporate the CBA like:

  • Ultra Low Budget Project Agreement (UPA)

  • Moderate Low Budget Project Agreement (MPA)

  • Low Budget Theatrical Agreement (LBA)

  • Special New Media Agreements


The lowest budget level agreements are not struck, including:

  • Short Project Agreement (SPA)

  • Micro Budget Agreement (Micro)

  • Student Film Agreement (Student)

  • Independent New Media Agreement (Deferrable) 

What contracts are affected by the SAG-AFTRA TV/Theatrical/Streaming Strike?

For independently produced content that comes within the scope of a strike order (the above mentioned contracts), the producer may qualify for an “Interim Agreement” that would allow such productions to continue working during a strike.

What if I am an independent producer who’s not part of the AMPTP?​​

Information on the Interim Agreement can be reviewed in the Interim Agreement section of our website, which includes a sample Interim Agreement, a list of productions approved and signed to the Interim Agreement, and details on how to apply for the Interim Agreement. Please note, SAG-AFTRA has the discretion to decide if it will offer an Interim Agreement to a specific production after receiving and reviewing an application for it, and productions will have to be vetted by SAG-AFTRA to determine if they qualify for the Interim Agreement.

What are the terms of the “Interim Agreement?”

If you would like to apply for an Interim Agreement, please contact your assigned business representative. If you do not yet have a business representative assigned, please first complete the Signatory Application HERE and you will receive further directions regarding applying for an Interim Agreement. If you have questions about the Interim Agreement, please email

My production would like to use the Interim Agreement. What is the next step?

SAG-AFTRA intends for the “Interim Agreement” to largely be conformed to the AMPTP agreement on a going-forward basis once the membership ratifies successor agreements with the AMPTP. 

As a producer, what if I sign to the Interim Agreement terms and a deal with the AMPTP differs from the Interim Agreement?

Dubbing work is not within the scope of the strike order.

Will a strike impact dubbing?

The strike order includes work on foreign productions that have signed to the full Codified Basic Agreement and Television Agreement, including new media. If your clients are working on a foreign production in a foreign country, and that production is covered by a performers' union in that country, even if there is a GR1, please contact SAG-AFTRA for more information at

Will the strike impact work on foreign productions?  

Simply put, Global Rule One states a SAG-AFTRA member must always work under a union contract around the globe. To read more about GR-1, check out:

What is Global Rule One (GR-1)?

The National Board and the TV/Theatrical Negotiating Committee have discretion with respect to rules/conditions governing the strike and they have the ability to adjust strike rules as necessary.

What else should producers and members know?


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