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Look who supports us

Collective action is what gives us the power to stand up to global entertainment conglomerates. Every member’s voice counts, but we’re even stronger when allies support our cause.


We are deeply grateful to all the individuals and organizations who stand shoulder to shoulder with us during this struggle. Your commitment to the arts and to those who create them is so appreciated. 

Elected Officials

United States Senate

United States House of Representatives


California State Assembly

Hollywood studios rake in billions in profits, pay they their executives handsomely and need to treat their workers fairly. I stand in solidarity with @sagaftra, actors, writers and workers striking for better pay and stronger worker protections.

Elizabeth Warren


Wealthy studio executives would rather see workers lose their housing than pay them what they deserve. Greed, greed, greed. I stand in strong solidarity with @sagaftra and @WGAWest. The studios need to get back to the table and negotiate a fair deal NOW.

Bernie Sanders


Workers should share in the profits they help create. With studios raking in billions each year, it's unacceptable @sagaftra members are struggling to get by. I stand with the thousands going on strike and urge studios to make a fair deal.

Katie Porter


#Sagaftramembers deserve protections and economic fairness. I stand in solidarity with @sagaftra in their fight for a fair contract.

Congressman Brad Sherman


Today over 160,000 @sagaftra members are going on strike for better pay, better working conditions, and better protections.

I want you to know – I’m in this fight with you. I stand with you.

And I’ll see you on the picket line.

Adam Schiff


It’s wrong that the talented artists of @sagaftra who bring stories to life are barely surviving while studios are thriving.

I stand in solidarity with performers—and all entertainment workers—in demanding fair compensation, stronger benefits, and improved working conditions.

Barbara Lee


New York will always stand #SAGAFTRAstrong.

I’m proud to stand in solidarity with and support @sagaftra, @WGAWest, and @WGAEast in their fight for a fair contract from studio executives.

Daniel Goldman


Proud to stand in solidarity with SAG-AFTRA. The future of our entertainment industry in LA is at stake. Our creative community is aligned in standing up for dignity, respect, & living wages. The AMPTP should return to the negotiating table with a fair and equitable contract.

Lindsey P. Horvath


With more than one hundred thousand workers now participating in an unprecedented strike, it is clear the entertainment industry is at a historic inflection point. This affects all of us and is essential to our overall economy. I call upon all sides to come to the table and work around the clock until an equitable agreement is reached. This is an urgent issue that must be resolved and I will be working to make that happen.

Mayor Karen Bass


I will no longer be attending the Barbie party + pre-screening on Monday in DC hosted by Warner Brothers in solidarity with @WGAEast @WGAWest & @sagaftra. I will not cross the picket.

Maxwell Alejandro Frost


Guilds, Unions and Organizations

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