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An Important Negotiations Update

Dear Fellow Members,

As we mark the 100th day of our strike, we are pleased to confirm the company executives have asked us to return to the table. Official negotiations will resume on Tuesday, October 24.

It is clear that the strength and solidarity shown by our members has sent an unmistakable message to the CEOs. As we have repeatedly said, we are ready, willing and able to engage on a moment's notice to meet and to work across the table to achieve a deal that is worthy of your sacrifice. Including this morning, just as our bi-annual SAG-AFTRA Convention is underway.

In the coming days there will likely be a lot of interest and potentially noise surrounding our talks. Do not believe anything you hear until it comes from us.

We are focused. We are determined. We will not waver.

One day longer. One day stronger. As long as it takes.

Your TV/Theatrical Negotiating Committee



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