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An Update on the Interim Agreement

Updated: Sep 22, 2023

A header of the "SAG-AFTRA On Strike!" graphic: A rectangle in SAG-AFTRA's bright yellow color in landscape style with a large black circle. Within the circle is a white solidarity fist. The fist is framed by 90-degree angles and within each one is a different copy or graphic writing in white, clockwise: a draining battery; "Pause" written in all-caps; "07:14:23," and "HD." Above the image is the SAG-AFTRA logo in white and the copy "On Strike!" written in all-caps and colored in bright yellow color.

We will now exclude from Interim Agreements any WGA-covered project to be produced in the USA.

We have been advised by the WGA that this modification will assist them in executing their strike strategy, and we believe it does not undermine the utility and effectiveness of ours. It is a win-win change.

This means that, going forward, for productions taking place in the USA, SAG-AFTRA will only grant Interim Agreements for non-WGA-covered projects. And our staff will continue to investigate each application for an Interim Agreement to ensure only true independent productions are included.

We created the Interim Agreements for several reasons, all of which are aimed at protecting the interests of our members and members of sister unions, so that journeymen performers and crew may continue to work and pay their bills while demonstrating to the AMPTP that independent producers are eager to work with our members under these terms. The strike action is evolving each day. We are adapting in real time to continue protecting our members while collaborating with our sister unions in fighting for our common cause.

SAG-AFTRA continues to support the Writers Guild of America in its fight to achieve a fair and equitable contract. And we continue to urge independent producers to apply for an Interim Agreement and encourage SAG-AFTRA members to work on projects that obtain approval, along with all the other permissible work we support.

In solidarity,

The SAG-AFTRA TV/Theatrical/Streaming Negotiating Committee



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