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SAG-AFTRA Broadcast Steering Committee Stands in Unity with Fellow Members on Strike

Updated: Sep 22, 2023

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The SAG-AFTRA Broadcast Steering Committee today issued the following statement:

As the actor-performers in our shared union continue the hard work of striking for fair compensation and equitable working conditions, the broadcasters of SAG-AFTRA want you to know we are with you.

We sit with you in local and national board meetings and together we work to move our union forward by standing strong on our common ground. Many of us are in business with the same employers who operate similarly in both their news and entertainment divisions, and this is why we are so powerful as a merged team. By fighting for what we deserve as united workers, we set an example for all who labor.

This strike goes far beyond the complications of these critical contract negotiations: this is history in the making.

Our union's news broadcasters cover history as it unfolds and are dedicated to informing the public in an accurate and objective way. That includes coverage of this strike which we strongly encourage our members to report with full transparency of their SAG-AFTRA membership.

As broadcasters, we operate under separate contracts and are obligated to report to our jobs and work under those negotiated contracts but we want you to know that we support you and stand with you.

We hope for a quick and productive resolution to this strike. The world is watching. We are one union and we are SAG-AFTRA strong.

In solidarity, The SAG-AFTRA National Broadcast Steering Committee



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